Monday, 29 September 2014 17:56

Latest Updates: Payment Disbursement Features

checks-iconHow much time do you spend writing or depositing checks every month?  Have you factored in the costs involved? Property management companies should be streamlining their operations as best as they can, especially with the tools available online.  Both your tenants and clients will appreciate the added convenience and help distance yourself from "Old-School" property management companies.

How Payment Disbursement Works:
You can now disburse payments to owners, vendors, etc directly from your site.  You can even set up recurring outgoing payments every month!  There is a $1.00* transaction fee for each outgoing payment.  
If you figure out the cost of stamps, checks, envelopes, and your valuable time, one dollar seems worth it, don't you think?  
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*Quantity discounts available