You have a great property management website that really shows off your business. Your properties are all listed with descriptions, pictures and videos, but you aren’t getting many potential renters to contact you for showings. You think it may be because you just aren’t getting a lot of visitors on your website. How do you go about increasing your traffic and getting renters to look at the properties you have for rent?

The Internet is complex and increasing your property management website traffic is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. Unfortunately, it is not a quick fix and requires some time and effort on your part to see a payoff. In this post we will touch on a few areas of SEO to give you a better understanding of exactly what it is and how it can help to make your property management website more popular on the web.


Doing the research and understanding where your company fits on the web are important to get new insight and know how to position your business. The easiest way to begin is to use a search engine such as Google and start with some simple searches to glean new insights. For example, what comes up when you do a Google search for your company name or for rental listings in your area? What do you find when you search for your competitors? What do you see when you search for rentals in your local area, for example using the keywords “apartment for rent Chicago”? While you go through this process, begin to think of keywords that you can use for your business that accurately represent what your potential renters or customers would type when trying to find a business like yours.

We recommend that you keep a list of these keywords and use them in your property management website content and also in property listings. Why? Because search engines occasionally visit your website and read through it’s content to determine what your website is about. They then use this information to show in search results when someone types in certain keywords into their web browser. By helping these search engines to better understand your content, they are more likely to display your website as a link to click and ultimately drive more traffic to it.

Creating Great Content

To get the search engines to show your website to searchers, one of the best ways we’ve found to improve your search results are through having great content on your property management website. Your content will provide benefit in several ways. First, and what may seem most obvious is that it gives value if someone goes to your website. We recommend taking the time to write good content for your website pages and descriptions for your properties when you enter your listings on your website. Strong property listings help to not only give potential renters a clear vision of your rental, but also gives the search engines information so that they can understand you’re a property management company and send people to your website.

This post just touches on the field of SEO and how it will have an impact on your property management website traffic. Besides your website content, there are many other factors that affect how search engines will rank your website on the Internet. With E-Rental Tools, we have built-in features that allow your website SEO to be optimized and drive more traffic. If you would like help with the complexities of SEO, we offer a service that can improve your popularity on the Internet and drive traffic to your website. Contact us to find out more about how we can help to drive more traffic for your business.

When you think of property management advertising, what crosses your mind? Do you still use “For Rent” signs, classified ads in the local newspaper, or nothing at all? What kind of response rates do you get and how do you manage all of the phone calls requesting more information and property showings? If this sounds like the typical time-consuming and expensive way that your property management advertising has been done in the past, we have some great news for you! We’ve recently started offering a new feature that will allow easy advertising of your rental properties across many of the most popular rental listing websites on the Internet.

Just how does this work?

It’s simple! With only one button click from your E-Rental Tools account, our “Advertise” feature pushes your property information to over 10 websites such as,,, and others where they will be featured in searches when potential renters are looking for properties on the Internet. Property information including your amenities, photos, availability dates, a more will be sent overnight to these websites and your ads will be up and running within a day. If a renter likes your property, they can easily contact you through a contact form and you will get an email with their information. At your leisure, you can determine if they are a good fit for your rental.

What are the costs and how long does my advertisement run for?

For each unit that you advertise, the listing will be shown for 30 days at a time and can be turned off with one click whenever you choose, for example if you rent your property or will be out of the office. Our listing costs are very competitive and are just a fraction of what you would pay to advertise on each of these websites individually. You won’t have to worry about looking for your credit card each time you want to advertise since we automatically charge your credit card on file for each 30-day period that you choose to advertise for. Sounds easy enough, right? Rental advertising has never been so simple, just click a button on your E-Rental Tools website and let the renters find your property listing with ease.

Contact us today to take advantage of this new feature and to learn more about how you can simplify your property management advertising efforts. We are sure you will see better property management advertising results with less time and effort than how you have advertised in the past. What are you waiting for, take advantage of this great new feature today and see just how easy it can be to advertise your properties across the Internet.